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Gas Alert Max XT II 4 (H2S, CO, O2 y %LEL)[GAMXTII4]

Gas Alert Max XT II 4 (H2S, CO, O2 y %LEL)

Gas Alert Max XT II 4 (H2S, CO, O2 y %LEL)[GAMXTII4]

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Gas Alert Max XT II 4 (H2S, CO, O2 y LEL)

The BW Technologies XT-XWHM-Y-NA GasAlertMax XT II 4-gas detector with pump is a handheld, four-gas detector that uses an electrochemical cell sensor to monitor ambient H2S and carbon monoxide (CO), a capillary pore fuel cell to measure oxygen levels, and a catalytic bead sensor to monitor ambient combustible gases continuously. It has audio, visual, and vibration alarms, which alert simultaneously when gases reach any of four preset levels. The integrated diaphragm pump allows for localized sampling of the atmosphere for more precise readings than those generated through diffusion. The detector has an alphanumeric LCD screen that shows real-time concentration of four monitored gases, the alarm type, the calibration requirements, the self-test pass or fail, and the battery life remaining. The LCD also displays a constant flashing heartbeat icon to indicate normal functioning. The detector is operated and adjusted with a single push button. It is used to indicate potentially harmful levels of gases naturally occurring in the environment; in a variety of occupational settings such as petroleum refineries, tanneries, sewage treatment facilities, and paper mills; and in other personal safety, educational, and ambient monitoring applications.

This detector is set to alert to when gas levels reach any of four limits: a low-alarm level, indicating moderate danger; a high-alarm level, indicating significant danger; a short-term exposure limit (STEL), the maximum gas concentration to which workers can be exposed continuously for a short period of time without serious risk; and a time-weighted average (TWA) limit, the maximum average exposure that personnel can experience over an eight-hour work shift without serious risk. The 95 dB audible alarm sounds at different speeds to indicate the alarm type, and the three bright, wide-angled LED alarm bars and the built-in vibration alarm help alert the user to potentially dangerous levels of gases in high-noise conditions. The detector logs and retains data of the 10 most recent gas exposure events, which it can transmit via an infrared Datalink USB adapter to a personal computer (both sold separately).

This product is powered by a replaceable AA alkaline battery that provides up to 14 hours of operational life. To ensure performance, the detector tests its sensor integrity, circuitry, and audible and visual alarms upon activation. It tests its battery upon activation and continuously during operation. The detector also features an automatic shutdown mode for additional safety, which activates when the detector fails its self-test. This detector comes with a back-mounted alligator clip to allow the unit to be worn on a belt, waistband, or lapel, and built in concussion-proof housing to help protect it against damage. It is water resistant, and is compatible with the BW Technologies MicroDock II automatic test system (sold separately). It has a European Conformity (CE) and ATEX certification in accordance with Directive 2004/108/EC for electromagnetic compatibility of electric and electronic equipment, and it is classified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to U.S. and Canadian standards as an Intrinsically Safe Apparatus and Associated Apparatus for Use in Class I, Division I, Group A, B, C , and D. It has an ingress protection (IP) rating of 66/67.